Manual Pad

Manual Pad

Manual pads are a key element to any skatepark. The Build at Home Manual Pad comes pre-cut and pre-drilled in kit form. All you need is a drill. Its lightweight construction allows for easy maneuvering and storage. Made using high-grade exterior lumber and a paintable skate surface, the ramp can be customized with stickers, paint, etc. Compatible with many other Build at Home products, like the A Frame and 6 1/2ft. Grind Ledge, the Manual Pad can be configured a number of different ways. Go ahead, get creative. Don't forget to check out the Manual Pad's Lift Kit accessory to easily raise the height of the product once you've mastered the Manual Pad's standard height. Improve your skills in no time! 
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    6 1/2ft. L x 2ft. 8in. W x 7 1/2in. H

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