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skate ramp installer
skate ramp manufacturer

 We provide permanent and mobile ramps, maintenance and repair services, including operational and annual safety inspections, as well as design and consulation services. 


We have been installing world class skate facilities for the last 30 years to customers ranging from local authorities, youth groups and housing associations. lncluding global enterprises such as Red Bull, who use our ramps for their extreme sports events.


We offer professional advice with regards to park design and location, working closely with the client and user groups, our consultation service ensures that the correct product is delivered every time. We use a team of in house designers to provide sketches and 3D drawings of all possible options when it comes to the best layout for a new skate park, we want riders to use every feature as much as possible!


Fearless Ramps uniquely shaped ramps are engaging for riders of all abilities and disciplines. We are able to tailor each park to the exact needs of the users no matter how big or small the installation may be.



We're Approved Contractors...

Our permanent facilities make up the core of what we offer at Fearless Ramps. Many of our parks have been standing for over 15 years, which is testement not only to the build quality, but also the design that has engaged all ages and abilities.
Our permanent ramps fall into 3 categories:


Our steel and timber ramps also come with a variety of surface materials:


We believe safety is a priority:

  • ROSPA and PAS 35 guidelines observed. (Fearless Ramps contributed to both of the above documents)

  • All guard and handrails are boxed in. (to prevent entrapment)

  • Segregated ride lines are considered at design stage.


We focus on attention to details:

  • All materials are fixed to allow for thermal expansion.

  • Copings are accurately set to +/- 2mm tolerance.

  • All transitions blend seamlessly with mating surfaces.

  • Frames fixed using vandal-proof shear nuts.

  • Full construction phase Health & Safety package provided.​


Maintenance & Repair

At Fearless Ramps we offer a full range of maintenance and repair services. Many of our installations have been standing for over 15 years as a result of our ongoing maintenance, and we have also rescued facilities from what some thought was beyond repair.
The most common maintenance and repair services we perform are on facilities we have installed, but we also have the experience and knowledge to repair and advise on other manufacturers installations. 
The kind of maintenance and repair work we reguarly undertake is from ranges from repainting and resurfacing to repairs after significant vandalism.

We believe safety is a priority:

  • ROSPA and PAS 35 guidelines observed. (Fearless Ramps contributed to both of the above documents)

Design & Consultation

Our team of designers work with a number of architects and professional riders to produce not only a well constucted skate park, but also a skate park which has been optimised for maximum use. Careful thought and analysis goes into every park we build to ensure riders can travel from ramp to ramp effortlessly without losing speed and momentum. We're always happy to help you with any design needs or questions you have, don't hesitate to contact us.
We Provide:
  • Expert consultation and advice on location, content and usage of your proposed facility.

  • A full design service so that a unique, bespoke park, tailored to the users' needs is provided.

  • Custom, hand-built ramps manufactured to exacting standards.


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