Richard Taylor Memorial Skatepark

Richard Taylor Memorial Skatepark

Skatelite surfaced steel framed skatepark at the knap on Barry island. In a sheltered location a stones throw away from the sea. This is a well equiped skatepark built to last. The Barry island skatepark was built in 2007 in memory of Richard Taylor.

Parkwood Skate Park opened in 2015 is located in Parkwood Recreation Ground, Maidstone, Kent. This wood surface complex includes a mini ramp, two quarter pipes boasting three split heights, roll in's, a jump box and grind box.

Parkwood Skatepark, Maidstone, Kent

Parkwood Skatepark, Maidstone

Canvey Island Skatepark, Essex

Canvey Island Skate Park opened in June 2016 is situated next to Waterside Leisure Centre, Canvey Island, Essex. This Skatelite surface, metal frame skate park includes 30ft wide mini ramp with street spine & volcano,split height, two flat bank hips and roll in. 4 Jump boxes at split heights, 12ft & 8ft wide. 8ft quarter pipe. flat bank hip, street spine with quarter, flat bank hip, pyramid with sloped wall, driveway with planter, various grind boxes and rail, flat bank, pipe ramp.

Canvey Island Skatepark, Canvey Island, Essex

Curlew Close Skate Park, Erith London, opened in February 2017. This Skatelite surface, metal frame Mini Ramp Complex includes flat bank's, street spine, rollover and quarter pipes featuring extended platforms at both ends.

Curlew Close Skatepark, Erith

Curlew Close Skatepark, Erith, London

Irlam skatepark, Salford, Manchester. Next to the Irlam and Cadishead Leisure centre, this skatepark opened in February 2017. These Skatelite surface set of ramps includes several hips, combinations, spine, huge wall ride and many more.

Irlam Skatepark, Manchester


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Dagenham Community Skatepark

Dagenham Community Skatepark

Dagenham skatepark is a small concrete park with a lot of potential, the lay out of the park gives a lot of variation of lines with a lot of speed. With a lot of space between obstacles you could easily spend a whole day here hitting every line.

The Factory skatepark is a large indoor park that is set in a 16,500 sq. ft warehouse on the outskirts of Dundee. It consists of bespoke wooden ramps and features both street and transition elements. It's a great indoor skatepark that has a bit of something for everyone, whether you ride street or transitions.


The Factory Skatepark

The Factory Skatepark, Dundee

Woking Skatepark

Woking Skatepark

Woking skate park is located adjacent to the leisure centre and was opened april 2004. The park offers a varied and challenging choice of ramps, half pipes, grind boxes, spine and grind rails, with wood, metal and skatelite riding surfaces.

Irlam Skatepark, Manchester

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