Fearless Ramp LTD.
Our Philosophy
Fearless Ramps provide bespoke skate ramps tailored to the exact needs of the riders at competitive prices. We may not be the cheapest solution, but we are confident that we are the best. We pride ourselves on customer and user liaison and will not install a solution that we are not confident is right for the user base and location. Our policy is to continuously develop and improve both our permanent and world class mobile skate ramps. As a result of this we are at the forefront of skate ramp design, and are able to feed any developing trends directly from our cutting edge show ramps into all levels of skate parks.
The Shaper
Andy Peerless has been shaping ramps for 20 years and was a professional quad skater in the 1980's. He retired from the sport as European champion and is known world wide as a master shaper. Andy's ramp designs are constantly undergoing change with additional expertise drawn from current skate and BMX professionals.
The Shaper
Fearless Ramps are based at the legendary Rom Skate Park. At the premises, trained staff hand build all our equipment. Only galvanizing and steel rolling is carried out off site. Our workforce has developed into a multi-skilled unit which draws experience from ship building, carpentry, civil engineering and competitive skating. Fearless Ramps employ a minimum of 50% active riders within our workforce. Our Show and permanent installation teams are dedicated to their work and Fearless Ramps actively seek constructive input from our staff.